About AirSyne

For the first time, you're able to leave messages in the air. We'd like you to share the app with your friends, because the more people that use it, the better it will be. We'd love to hear your ideas about how to make it better.  Just leave us a private Syne in the air and we'll get to work. In the meantime, thanks for joining us. We can't wait to see what you do in it.



AirSyne Features

AirSyne is available for IOS and Android.  It's easy to use

and has lots of features to help you get the best of your experience.



Shows your location and "Synes' within your radius.


Set message radius.

Public and Private messages.

Green 'Synes' are public. Blue 'Synes' are private.

Public Synes will dissappear within 24 hours.

Private Synes need to be deleted in settings.


Slide button to view Public or Private Synes.


Press to create a public or private Syne.


Press to access profile, invite friends, delete Synes and much more.


Want to know more? Trouble in the air?  You might like to check out our FAQs for a quick solution.

If you can't find an answer please contact us at info@airsyne.com



Why should I use it?

Apart from being great fun, AirSyne can be used for any number of occasions. Review a café, leave ideas for your Airbnb guests, mark a special place, leave messages for friends, signpost your location at concerts or in crowds, leave messages at home or just have fun.

Can anyone see my messages?

AirSyne has 2 settings. A public setting which allows anyone with the app to see your message and a private setting which lets only those you invite to see the message.

Can I see messages from anywhere?

No. You need to be at the location a message was placed to see it.

How long do messages last?

Public messages will only last for 24 hours. In high traffic areas this is even shorter. The more public messages there are, the shorter the time they last. Private messages will remain until the user deletes them.

What is it?

AirSyne is a new kind of messaging app. We use Augmented Reality technology to allow you to create and view messages in the ‘air’.

How do I know there’s a message nearby?

If someone leaves you a private message you’ll be notified. Or go to the map view to see where there are messages nearby. If there aren’t any, be the first to make one.

How do I delete a message?

In settings go to my Synes. Swipe to delete the message.

Is AirSyne App free?


Can businesses use the app?

Yes. AirSyne has a special portal just for brands.


press to see map vies. Your location and all Synes within your radius will appear. 

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