There's something in the air.

AirSyne is a new way to connect. Leave messages for your friends to discover. Show the world your favourite places; where you like to eat or shop. Or leave a private 'Syne' in a special place, for a special someone to find.

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The 'air' is your new notice board.

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Be the first to leave a Syne at any location.

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Explore a whole new world of content.

Random Cleaning


Share ideas or comments with friends and strangers.

AirSyne is easy to use

Open the app, go to camera view, type your message and float it. Like magic, your Syne will appear in that location and can be seen there by anyone with the AirSyne app.You can choose to leave a private Syne that only one or a few people can see. AirSyne can be used in lots of ways.  Rate a restaurant by floating a Syne right outside with your review.  Show people where to go with Synage.  Leave important instructions right where they are needed. Or challenge yourself to leave Synes in places all around the world.We think the air is an exciting place to be.  We can't wait to see what you do in it.



Partner with AirSyne

AirSyne offers a new way to connect with people in real time, wherever they may be.

We're talking to organizations keen to use it to create amazing experiences for their customers and followers.  

Want to know more or have a chat?  Please get in touch.